Solidarity Greetings to National Convention of Anti-Nuclear Movements in India

German anti-nuke activists of the „Action Coalition for CASTOR Resistance Neckarwestheim” have sent solidarity greetings to to National Convention of Anti-Nuclear Movements in India:


Dear anti-nuke activists in India,

we send you solidarity greetings for your strategic convention in Idinthakarai.

Radioactivity knows no borders. The nuclear industry cooperates on an international level. Rosatom nuclear power plants use components made by Areva and Siemens.

The anti-nuclear movements however are very much focused on “their” site. The nuclear phase-out of Germany is of national scope only. Uranium enrichment, fuel production and nuclear research will be continued in Germany, despite the announced nuclear phase-out. The German government still promotes the export of nuclear power plants. That’s nuclear colonialism as you say.

Our goal is the immediate shutdown of all nuclear facilities worldwide. In our struggle we rely only on our own strength and the grassroots movements around the world. We don’t trust in any government or any party. The government of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the German state where we live, is lead by the Green Party, which once has emerged from the anti- nuclear movement. Today it is directly responsible for the operation of nuclear power plants in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

We follow with great interest and admiration the anti- nuclear movements in India. We are very interested in your discussions and decisions . How will your movements position themselves to the election this year? How do you organize cooperation of movements in India? Do you think of blocking nuclear transports also? What are your ideas for international networking of the anti-nuke movements all over the world and how can we support you?

Please keep us informed. We will be happy to disseminate reports of your conference among the anti- nuclear activists in Germany.

We wish you a happy new year and a successful convention.

In solidarity,


on behalf of

Aktionsbuendnis CASTOR-Widerstand Neckarwestheim

c/o DemoZ
Wilhelmstr. 45/1
71638 Ludwigsburg


The name of our group in English is „Action Coalition for CASTOR Resistance Neckarwestheim”. The CASTOR Resistance was in last years the biggest focus of anti-nuclear groups of activists in Central Europe. “Castors” are containers filled with extremely radioactive waste and transported by trains, ships, and trucks on major roads through densely populated parts of France, Germany and other European countries. Neckarwestheim is the name of a small village where a NPP with two reactors is located. One of these is shut down.

We sent you a flag of solidarity last year.