Solidarity greetings from European activists to Idinthakarai

Activists from an anti-nuclear camp at Kiel in northern Germany wish the people in Idinthakarai much success in their fight against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. (Picture 1)

Picture 1: Anti-Nuclear Camp Germany 2014

Picture 1: Anti-Nuclear Camp Germany 2014

The well known German artist Karin Hilbers made an art print as a sign of solidarity for the people of Idinthakarai. (Picture 2). The print was sent to the PMANE Idinthakarai by mail. It is about the failed nuclear waste repository Asse in Germany.

Picture 2: German artist Karin Hilbers

Picture 2: German artist Karin Hilbers

People in Idinthakarai are protesting with a relay fast against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant since August 2011. With blockade actions 2011/12 they had enforced a six-month construction freeze. The first reactor of the nuclear power plant went critical a year ago. The start of commercial operation fails since then every month. Mid-July an “annual inspection” was announced by NPCIL. The end of this inspection is not in sight.

From 9th to 16th August 2014, activists from ten European countries met in an anti-nuclear camp at the Kiel Canal. Ships from Russia loaded with uranium from Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan took a detour of several hundred kilometers to escape actions of the anti-nuclear activists. In many workshops, the camp participants learned about nuclear transports and the situation in the various countries. There was a talk about the anti-nuclear struggles in India also. Various actions made ​​the otherwise secret nuclear transports public.

The following pictures may give you an impression of the actions and the camp.

Citizens’ inspection of containers with Uranium at the harbour of Hamburg

Because the government of Hamburg gave false information about uranium containers in the harbour activists made an inspection themselves, an act of  civil disobedience.

After the camp a few activists blocked the train with all these uranium containers by chaining themselves to the railtrack. See the pictures in this German language article.


Just a small demo with boats.

Banner actions

Activists like climbing. This keeps cops on distance – for some time.

Theatre plays

On the street:

Heike Kammer from Peace Brigades International visited the camp with “Rositas Puppet Show”.


Karin Hilbers supports the anti-nuclear struggle.


The camp used solar power of course.

German language Reports: